EXTREMELY RARE- Sumatran Blue Amber (Polished) UV Reactive

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Blue Amber has been said to keep you calm in the most stressful situations. It enhances your intuition, boosts creative expression, allows you to feel a new joy for life, and alleviates fears and anxieties. Blue Amber is a beneficial grounding specimen and can help connect you to the metaphysical realm, receive blessings from the gods, and connect with spirits of fire, water and air.


Amber is technically a fossilized tree resin that can be found all over the world and is commonly seen in jewelry or you may remember it from "Jurassic Park". What makes Sumatra Blue Amber so special is that it is only found in one location on earth. This fossilized tree resin comes from the Hymenea Protera Tree on the Island of Sumatra, Indonesia. This tree become extinct somewhere between 20-40 Million years ago. This Blue Amber is naturally cognac colored with green and red inclusions and blue tinted in natural light. However, under UV light it becomes BRIGHT Blue. 


Amber is of any variety is very delicate and should therefore be treated as such. It is very susceptible to shattering and scratching and has a Mohs hardness level of 2-2.5 (about the same hardness as your fingernail).