High Quality Moldavite Specimen

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Moldavite is an extremely rare natural glass gemstone belonging to the tektite family that was formed as a result of an extraterrestrial impact in the Czech Republic about 15 million years ago. The heat from the impact created a crystalline structure, now known as Moldavite (which is Greek for Molten). Because of its difficult mining process and highly restricted availability, Moldavite has become quite costly.

**Moldavite Dangers & Warnings**

This gemstone has been trending on social media for its ability to completely transforming your life. This stone will put you in the express lane to your highest timeline, and for some, this could be very uprooting (It’s all about Intention!). We advise that you only purchase Moldavite if you are an experienced crystal owner and are familiar with its high vibrational frequency due to its cosmic connection. Some people believe that Moldavite is toxic, poisonous, or can make you sick. This is false information; however, different people have different emotional reactions to this tektite.

**Our Moldavite is sourced directly from the Czech Republic and is certified authentic.